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The Moon photography

Thinking about the Moon photography?
Watch this inspiring video:

The Moonshot by National Geographic Live

Let’s apply reverse engineering to the photograph.
Which lens is used to achieve such magnification?
I would use a full frame camera for this shot (35mm).
To get the Moon of this size the lens must be more then 2000mm.
Such lens covers angel of 2° the average angular diameter or apparent size of the Moon is 0.5°.
So the proportions obvious.

Through the proportion the size of the foreground objects and distance to them could be calculated.

BTW: Do you know that your little finger covers approximately 1° on a stretched arm.

Harsh light. Baroque in photography.

Many times I’ve been asked – What to photograph in the middle of the day or how to use the harsh day light.

I think many of us were trapped by the harsh light in the middle of the day during a travel. Same happened to me in Rome, when I was enjoying a walk to an evening location, which I have selected couple days before. The sun was still above my head and light was quite harsh. Passing  Fountana di Trevi I noticed how beautifully the light was falling on one of a figures.

Fountana di Trevi is a famous touristic attraction in the center of Rome. Literal translation is a fountain in the Trevi district of Rome (location on Google map). It is surely one of my favorite places to spend an evening, but I am rarely passing by in the middle of the day.

The scene reminded me of baroque paintings tecnique with  the main characters advancing from a dark background. Actually the figures of the fountain were created in the baroque period and the fountain is the largest baroque fountain in the city.

So, I had a baroque figure and a baroque light, I only had to find a composition which would work.

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy
Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

There are following elements which make the picture work for me:

  • Rhythm in shadows and highlights
  • Diagonal rising composition

I believe this is a good example on how even the harsh light can assist in bringing out a special character of a picture.



  • Sony a7
  • Canon nFD 80-200 L

Shiseido Pureness

Shiseido Pureness has a beautiful sky-blue shell form. It was quite a challenge to photograph it for a beauty blog.  It’s glossy surface required special technic.

3 shots were requested by customer: Package, Open, details. Below is my solution to these requirements.

Photo of Shiseido Pureness package by Vyacheslav Isaev

In the first shot I was solving the problem of getting a nice transition on curved surface from highlight to shadow. The glossy table surface was also selected especially to emphasize the play of light.

Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev

Try on your own to capture a product with mirror and reflect label of the product in the mirror.

Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev
Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev

The last shot took actually the most of the session time to  position a highlight correctly on the Shiseido label.

You can check similar shots  in my cosmetics portfolio.


Equipment: Sony a7, Canon nFD 80-200, Canon 500d

New Year Firework Over Ljubljana Castle.

Firework photography is not a trivial task from technical and aesthetic point of views.  Shutter speed must be selected so the flower of firework was pleasing and reflecting motion. The problem that during fireworks photographer doesn’t have a lot of time to play with camera settings.

Full screen

New year firework over Ljubljana castle.








Photographing New Year firework with 2 cameras. Both cameras mounted on tripod and remotely triggered to avoid shaking during long exposure.

Would you like to use my pictures in your blog – please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

A bottle of red wine: Ruffino, Chianti, Italy.

I like photograph bottles. This bottle attracted me by the form of the etiquette. As far this is a bottle of dark glass I selected low key shot: black bottle on a black background.

A bottle of Ruffino Chianti Italy
Product photography. A bottle of Ruffino from Chianti, Italy. Black bottle on a black background. To select a bottle from background the edge highlighting techniques was used.

Photo as is from the camera.

Shot equipment:

Camera: Sony a7
Lens: Canon nFD 80-200, F4, L  (affiliated link)
Front light: Yongnuo YN560-II
Back-light: Yongnuo YN600EX-RT
Side light: Yongnuo YN568 EXII
Synchronization: Yongnuo YN622C
Tripod: Benro Travel Mate