New Year Firework Over Ljubljana Castle.

Firework photography is not a trivial task from technical and aesthetic point of views.  Shutter speed must be selected so the flower of firework was pleasing and reflecting motion. The problem that during fireworks photographer doesn’t have a lot of time to play with camera settings.

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New year firework over Ljubljana castle.








Photographing New Year firework with 2 cameras. Both cameras mounted on tripod and remotely triggered to avoid shaking during long exposure.

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A bottle of red wine: Ruffino, Chianti, Italy.

I like photograph bottles. This bottle attracted me by the form of the etiquette. As far this is a bottle of dark glass I selected low key shot: black bottle on a black background.

A bottle of Ruffino Chianti Italy
Product photography. A bottle of Ruffino from Chianti, Italy. Black bottle on a black background. To select a bottle from background the edge highlighting techniques was used.

Photo as is from the camera.

Shot equipment:

Camera: Sony a7
Lens: Canon nFD 80-200, F4, L  (affiliated link)
Front light: Yongnuo YN560-II
Back-light: Yongnuo YN600EX-RT
Side light: Yongnuo YN568 EXII
Synchronization: Yongnuo YN622C
Tripod: Benro Travel Mate

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