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Art Post-Processing: Apply or don’t apply?!

That was a beautiful evening at the nature. Light was glorious. Back-light greenery were shining  in the deep shadows. And the photographs came out … dull and flat

Apply or don’t apply an art effects to a photograph?!

I think this question arise all the time. And as always the answer is – It is a matter of a personal choice!

I personally have a set of rules when I do apply it and when don’t

Here is an example of the art processing applied to a photograph. It is obvious that the photograph doesn’t have documentary value, so I bravely applied “finishing”.

On my taste the actual photograph, after the basic color corrections, cleaning and etc. ,still was a bit dull and flat. The light was not communicating the glory of that evening. Greenery wasn’t shining and the light on the actual subject and surrounding became even.

The goal of the art post-processing was to increase glow in the greenery, but in a way that it wouldn’t be destructive, focus viewer on the main subject and may be to add a bit of drama.

Please, be a judge!

I will be glad to here from you which version do you prefer what do your thoughts are on the topic. Please, comment bellow!



Sony RX10 MkIII.

Natural light.

Title photograph for the Lanzarote photo gallery

On my Lanzarote photo tour  I was experimenting with a fisheye lens. I like to carry it with me around and time to time take it out. That time contrast between white clean wall of a small church and deep blue sky, captured my attention. Unusual architecture of the church and palm trees around were calling for something special, also unusual.

I took out the fish-eye lens and start composing the photograph. Square around the church is quite tight. A lot of palm trees, bushes, a road and a car parking make composition challenging.   I laid down on the ground and pointed camera straight up. I found out that sun is behind of a palm tree, so I can include a sun burst into the capture.

Unfortunately, still a lot of distracting elements made their way into the frame. I personally doesn’t have anything against slight photo manipulation which helps to make picture clear.

For them of you who is interested in the post processing of the photograph here are before and after photographs.


“SOLO” exhibition at Hinterland gallery in Vienna, Austria

I proudly welcome you to the photo #exhibition at #Hinterland gallery in Vienna, Austria. Another my photograph was selected for the international exhibition. Theme of the exhibition is “SOLO”.

As from previous exhibitions, limited edition prints of the photograph are available for orders…


See you at a festive opening night on Friday, July 12th


P.S. Story of the photograph, processing and etc will come soon…

Why to use Photoshop?

Why to use Photoshop?

Light room is a powerful photo correction tool, but it still can’t replace power of Photoshop for photo editing.

Here is an example of a photograph edited with Lightroom only and then processed in the Photoshop. I will use a photograph from the City of Lights, beautiful Paris. You can noticed that color cast was totally eliminated contrast improved. As a result the colors pops up on the final photograph.

Check before and after.

I also like to check tonal contrast of a photograph. To do so we need to eliminate color clutter, by converting photograph to Black and White. There multiple ways to do that in Photoshop or you can do that in Lightroom.


“Art of Photography” exhibition in Cape – Town/ South Africa

So, proud my another work was selected for an exhibition…

“Congratulations! Your photo was selected to be showcased digitally in the “Art of Photography” exhibition in Cape – Town/ South Africa

You can find GuruShots‘ invitation on our Facebook page.
The exhibition will take place at the ORMS School of photography.”

Photograph is a part of Copenhagen album


Buy a print:
Sell Art Online

Thessaloniki International Art Fair

I am inviting all of you to join me at the “Art Thessaloniki International art fair”. My photograph was selected for the exhibition:

“Hi Slava,

Congratulations for your achievement at the “Centered” exhibition!
You can find GuruShots’ invitation on Facebook page..
The exhibition will be a part of “Art Thessaloniki International art fair” taking place at the Helexpo exhibition & congress center
If you’re around, it will be great if you arrive on Thursday the 23rd at 20:00 for a GuruShot meet-up and get to know some of the names behind the lenses… ”

The photograph itself:

Church on the island in Bled lake (Slovenia)

See you!

Photography Prints

Pre-focusing for action photography (manual lens: Canon FD 80-200 f4.0 L)

  • Is your auto-focus always works as expected?
  • Do you think you can always relay on the auto-focus?

The modern world  brings a lot of hands on features to our life. One of the is auto-focusing, when camera processor is selecting for you sharpest area on a selected zone. But even in the modern “auto” world for specific type of shots it is important to be able to use manual focus. It is simply because even modern auto-focus is not fast enough for the action. If you don’t believe – ask bird photographers. No, don’t ask these who shoots stills or uses feeders to prepare a setup for the shot. Ask the wildlife photographer, who catches amazing shots of landing or taking-off. The subject is approaching you quickly and in this situation auto-focus will not help. Even more worse, If you have multiple subjects approaching you – auto-focus might get confused and will start wobbling around. Pre-focusing technique is your friend in such situations.

The following story in photographs captured with manual lens: Canon FD 80-200mm F4.0 L on Sony a7 body.  It is an amazing old school lens, light, compact with fixed f4 aperture along the range.

Post: Novel through photography.

Technique in couple words.

Select a point ahead of the subject (on expected subject way) movement. Focus at the point and wait till the subject entering the the focus area. Continues shooting mode also helps here. I usually use a series of 7 frames in the range of a sharp focus.

Preparing for take off, Canon FD 80-200 L, Sony a7 (ILCE-7)
Preparing for take off canon FD 80-200 L
Taking-off in Salzburg direction, Canon FD 80-200 L, Sony a7 (ILCE-7)
Taking-off in Salzburg direction, Canon FD 80-200 L, Sony a7 (ILCE-7)
Flight, Canon FD 80-200 L, Sony a7 (ILCE-7)
Flight, Canon FD 80-200 L, Sony a7 (ILCE-7)

You can use the same technique with auto-focus lens. Pre-focusing will make your auto-focus works even faster.  It might be useful to configure back button focusing to use pre-focusing with auto-focus lens .

Post: Back-button focusing

Learn it, try it, use it …


Italian Gastronomy.

Many of us looking to a photograph through their monitors and today I would like to convert it to a window.

I like to have a stroll on Rome’s narrow streets, which are a little bit off side from touristic ways. They are full of small shops. I especially like gastronomy shops. These shops create long last impression on me. Italians are so creative in showcase art. Sometime it looks like they are always competing with neighbors. That all gives a strong visual impact. In addition to a visual side these shops are full of different smells. Smells comes out and surround a passer-by.

Some times I am dreaming to have a camera to capture smell – that would be an amazing experience to see a photograph and smell the moment …

(Click on the image to download desktop wallpapers.)

Smells of gastronomy leaves their own life.  Every new customer pays his dime to it. What ever you buy it distributes its aroma which is mixed then to a common cloud and then this cloud will be drugged out of the shop.  … Senior bought a bottle of beeswing and tiny particles of dust from the bottle starts their way out. They reach your nose and imagination draws a fresh air of an ancient cellar full of wine shelfs covered with dust. Signora is looking for snacks to serve aperitivo and banconiere offers prosciutto, salami and cheese. Bunch of reach smells runs from the tiny slices of freshly cut prosciuto and salami….

I am wondering how to capture all this in one photograph? May be all these imperfections, which we are fighting with, will help here… Tiny reflections on the glass will help out brain to reconstruct window. Reflection of another tourist will make you fill his presence behind you and hear his steps reflecting from the walls of tiny street.

(Click on the image to download desktop wallpapers.)

Can’t wait for the next visit to Italy….

A little bit on photography

Polarizer is helpful to remove reflections and glare from glass window, but here it decided to live some of it. To achieve this, just play with it – try to rotate it so, when you are happy with the result.



Sony a7, manual Canon nFD 80-200 L.

Curious photographs: Skeleton inside the tree

I seen this photo of Skeleton in tree and decided to start new category: Curious photographs

This time the photo found at FineArtAmerica from Emily Page.

Skeleton tree by Emily Page
Skeleton tree by Emily Page

Don’t worry nobody was heart during creation of the art…

How such trees were created you can read at Emily blog.

Take curious images and share it with me so they would be published in thread: Curious Photographs