Shiseido Pureness

Shiseido Pureness has a beautiful sky-blue shell form. It was quite a challenge to photograph it for a beauty blog.  It’s glossy surface required special technic.

3 shots were requested by customer: Package, Open, details. Below is my solution to these requirements.

Photo of Shiseido Pureness package by Vyacheslav Isaev

In the first shot I was solving the problem of getting a nice transition on curved surface from highlight to shadow. The glossy table surface was also selected especially to emphasize the play of light.

Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev

Try on your own to capture a product with mirror and reflect label of the product in the mirror.

Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev
Shiseido Pureness by Vyacheslav Isaev

The last shot took actually the most of the session time to  position a highlight correctly on the Shiseido label.

You can check similar shots  in my cosmetics portfolio.


Equipment: Sony a7, Canon nFD 80-200, Canon 500d

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