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Spring rain on lake Bled, Slovenia.

I was spending a spring evening on lake Bled (Slovenia) in hope to witness beautiful evening light. The sky was covered with clouds and the rain was falling on and off. Even when the rain threaten to become a shower and all tourists found their way to shelters, I was waiting…  And my hope wasn’t in vain,  a couple of minutes after beginning of the rain the sun started piercing the  clouds and light quickly movined towards the island. I knew, I will only have a couple of seconds to catch the island highlighted. I had my setup ready for the shot so I was just waiting for the moment when the light would come to the island to make it back lit. My expectations were exceeded, backlight gave this beautiful glowing of fresh leaves on trees. I just made a shot and the light, glowing of the trees and the moment were gone… But It was captured inside my camera for me and now I am happy to share it with you…

Glowing island under the spring rain, Lake Bled, Slovenia
Glowing island under the spring rain, Lake Bled, Slovenia



  • Sony a7
  • Canon nFD L 80-200mm
  • Benro travel mate tripod