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Italian Gastronomy.

Many of us looking to a photograph through their monitors and today I would like to convert it to a window.

I like to have a stroll on Rome’s narrow streets, which are a little bit off side from touristic ways. They are full of small shops. I especially like gastronomy shops. These shops create long last impression on me. Italians are so creative in showcase art. Sometime it looks like they are always competing with neighbors. That all gives a strong visual impact. In addition to a visual side these shops are full of different smells. Smells comes out and surround a passer-by.

Some times I am dreaming to have a camera to capture smell – that would be an amazing experience to see a photograph and smell the moment …

(Click on the image to download desktop wallpapers.)

Smells of gastronomy leaves their own life.  Every new customer pays his dime to it. What ever you buy it distributes its aroma which is mixed then to a common cloud and then this cloud will be drugged out of the shop.  … Senior bought a bottle of beeswing and tiny particles of dust from the bottle starts their way out. They reach your nose and imagination draws a fresh air of an ancient cellar full of wine shelfs covered with dust. Signora is looking for snacks to serve aperitivo and banconiere offers prosciutto, salami and cheese. Bunch of reach smells runs from the tiny slices of freshly cut prosciuto and salami….

I am wondering how to capture all this in one photograph? May be all these imperfections, which we are fighting with, will help here… Tiny reflections on the glass will help out brain to reconstruct window. Reflection of another tourist will make you fill his presence behind you and hear his steps reflecting from the walls of tiny street.

(Click on the image to download desktop wallpapers.)

Can’t wait for the next visit to Italy….

A little bit on photography

Polarizer is helpful to remove reflections and glare from glass window, but here it decided to live some of it. To achieve this, just play with it – try to rotate it so, when you are happy with the result.



Sony a7, manual Canon nFD 80-200 L.