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Title photograph for the Lanzarote photo gallery

On my Lanzarote photo tour  I was experimenting with a fisheye lens. I like to carry it with me around and time to time take it out. That time contrast between white clean wall of a small church and deep blue sky, captured my attention. Unusual architecture of the church and palm trees around were calling for something special, also unusual.

I took out the fish-eye lens and start composing the photograph. Square around the church is quite tight. A lot of palm trees, bushes, a road and a car parking make composition challenging.   I laid down on the ground and pointed camera straight up. I found out that sun is behind of a palm tree, so I can include a sun burst into the capture.

Unfortunately, still a lot of distracting elements made their way into the frame. I personally doesn’t have anything against slight photo manipulation which helps to make picture clear.

For them of you who is interested in the post processing of the photograph here are before and after photographs.